The Dog Beach

I spent several hours at the beach yesterday shooting dogs. No matter how many times I go to the beach for a shoot I am always amazed at the resulting images. The sand, the blue water with the white waves and the rocks make for an amazing background. I was at a dog beach yesterday; but being that it is winter here in SoCal there weren't that many dogs and their people out. Which is more than fine with me. Too many dogs on the beach or anywhere for that matter causes for a stressful environment.

I have been to several parks and the beach when it is packed; not good. Without enough open space around each dog there is the problem of agitation. I think beaches, dog parks and open spaces in general are a very important factor in having dogs. Dogs have got to get off their leash and run; so finding a spot that is not too crowded can be a challenge. If you know when these places get crowded and when are the off hours can really help.

If you are lucky and can visit these leashless places during the off hours; then you are lucky. Sometimes finding a "secret" spot that is not enforced by the ticket givers can be a good ideas as well. This is what I have done and have many spots of choice. But you must be sure that your dog is not going to up and leave you. That is where training comes in; I have talked to so many people that would never take their dogs leash off unless in an enclosed environment. This is greatly due to the fact that we live in a leashed society.

I wish there was a dog beach close to me; the one I went to yesterday was a good 40 min drive which I obviously do not want to do everyday. Maybe if it was 40 min of a nice drive but this is 40 min of crazy freeway driving. But I'm thinking I may do it again today; taking my dogs instead of my camera.

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