Hoping Tuesday

Good morning everyone, my apologies that I didn't have time to write yesterday. It was a beautiful day and I had several shoots, had to get my pooches out, work up photos and completely ran out of time. I took my poodles to a great park with an amazing view of the area. You can see the moutains in the back and there was huge white puffy clouds looming over them. Very picturesque.

So it was very shocking to me that Luke never pulled for the entire walk, we did two miles around the park. He was the most well behaved that I've seen him and even checked in several times which is what Tilley always does. The reason for his good behavior? Exhaustion. He was still tired from his run on Saturday with my husband. With the rain lately he hasn't gotten out as much as normal so the run kicked his little blonde butt (Luke's).

On one of my shoots yesterday I got to meet a little angel. I don't get to shoot puppies very often and when I do, ahhhhhhh. I simply love their innocense, vulnerability and plain adorablness (is that a word?) Anyway it always amazes me how quickly puppies bond to their new guardian. Taken away from everything they've ever known; they seem to attach very quickly to the next stable substitute; be it another dog or human. It is very important at that point to be the stable entity for your dog to connect to.

This can be difficult if you already have dogs in your home but extra time is an easy solutiion. You must spend one on one time with your pup so that you alone become the most important person in their life. Of course you want them to adore your other dog or dogs but not so much that they listen to them and not to you. Ah puppies, I'm really needing my own fix.

So many dogs, so little time.

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