Hairy beasts at the beach and communicating

I'm heading to Laguna Beach this morning with my two very furry poodles. Just picture wearing your fuzziest of slippers and going to the beach and you will conjure up the image of todays walk. I have been so busy this week with all the dogs I've been shooting that I miss my own dogs. Jessie was with me for a good while yesterday on my errands around town and then we hit a park. At almost 12 she appreciates the whole checking out her pmail more than running like the poodles. I would bring her to the beach as well but she does not enjoy the water like the poodles do. And if they drag her in with them she is quickly too deep being that she is only 12 3/4" tall compared to the poodles 25" and up.

Lastnight I was working on my photos from the previous days when Luke came upstairs to talk me. He stood there with his newly trimmed eyes starring at me. "What do you want?" I asked him. He looked towards the stairs which meant to me that he had been ringing his bell but no one came to let him out. Down I went with him in the lead, bounding with happiness as I was following him. Yes, he did have to go out.

Back in and back on the computer, Luke continued to come up stairs; he wandered around my office area and left. He was not settling which meant he wanted something. If I'm on the computer; he either lays on my bed where he can see me from or on one of the beds behind my chair. I knew it was feeding time but I was on a roll with my editing. I told him "I know, just wait." He then moved to the physical communication. Up the stairs, touch Mom's arm, then run downstairs.

He continued this for about 10 minutes until I gave in; I hadn't eaten either and it was past 7:00. As I stood up out of my chair he started to spin, yeah she's coming. Walking down the stairs he continued looking back at me to make sure I was still coming. A couple of spins on the way to the kitchen and we were finally there. "Hmmmmm, what's for dinner tonight?" I asked Luke and received a very large wagging session and a bow.

Lastnight the dogs had beef; which is Luke's favorite, flax seed, apple, oatmeal, cod liver oil and a few green beans with warmed up organic chicken broth. I have to admit it smelled very good and now that I think of it; I never did eat dinner myself.

Off to the beach.

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