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Had a glorious time at the beach yesterday. I'm a Northern girl and I'm not into the hot weather so yesterdays cool morning breeze at the beach was perfect for both the poodles and I. Each and everytime you visit Laguna Beach it is different. The ocean moves the beach around where it wants it; sometimes there is more beach, sometimes less. Yesterday there was sort of a sand cliff formed into the beach in the center and to the right.

The waters were calm, I don't get to see this too much but it is really nice for the the dogs to walk in. Typically the waves at our socal beaches are pretty extreme so being at the beach when the waves a quietly lapping up onto the beach is really great. The poodles had a blast; Luke started his whining once we hit the Canyon road and I wound down the windows. The tail wagging started soon after and never stopped until we got back into the car and headed home.

I was lucky with parking, right at the parks edge. Once out Luke is charged to chase shore birds. We always head right first, make a quick stop at the rocks and then head South. The sun was unbelievable yesterday and I was more than happy to have on my Maui Jims. With the sun streaking across the water and up onto the beach the glare was blinding. There were only a handful of people braving the chilly morning weather and no foolish people in the water.

Usually Luke is wound the entire time we are at the beach, it is an exciting place to be for him. But yesterday he calmed really quickly which meant less tugging and pulling and a break for my right arm. After walking the entire beach we just sat and soaked up the water, sand and sounds.

Once home it was time to wash the beach out the furry beasts, then naptime.

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