Its got to be the food

Good moroning, I am at the moment sitting in bed with my boy Luke. He had a seizure this morning early; 5:00. I was waken by my husband telling me Luke was seizing. The first thing that entered my head was the food, I fed the dogs dog food lastnight. I had run out of meat so gave them dog food. It is a very good food but this is just way too coincidental. Luke has not had a seizure since August; when I started feeding them real food only.

It was not a bad seizure like the ones he usually has; it was silent with no body convulsing. But he is left with the same fallout behavior, needing to touch me for at least an hour after the fact. I just bought the small bag of dog food last week just in case I ran out of "real food," with being so busy lately. I cannot be certain that this is the cause but it is very likely I think.

Luke does have seizures when awakened suddenly if he has been in a very deep sleep. This I know as a fact; it has happened far too often. Even before he seizes there are times I know it will be coming. If he is sound asleep and the girls start barking; he is up and running before he is even awake. I then prepare to get him through his seizure. Other things that can cause the same effect are doors slamming (I've written about this before) when he is asleep, anything that abruptly wakes him out of a sound sleep.

At the moment he has relaxed enough to move to the other side of the bed. Which means that in maybe 20 min. I will be able to get out of bed without him panicking. Poor guy.

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