Good Monday morning; another week to get on top of. Lots of shoots; lots of dogs and lots of writing. All three of my dogs will be participating in R&R today. The poodles had a huge run in the canyon and Jessie had a big hike with me. Monday is always their day off just to lay around. Luke will be on his little dog couch as that is his new place to hang. He loves that little couch so much that I am contemplating getting a few new ones for the bedroom.

I was at the mall for a short time yesterday and was again struck by the fact that there is a puppy store in the mall. It appauls me that no one at the top, you know the big wigs has enough balls to stop a store from selling animals at the mall. As I was walking past the store two little girls ran by me shrieking "puppies." It actually seems to be a sort of zoo for many but for those who have the bucks, its the place to make your impulse purchases. I'm sick of it.

The weather is suppose to be much warmer this week which I am not happy about but; I do live in Southern California. So I will make the best of it and might just try my old clippers one last time on the poo's today. Luke will be very unhappy with the loss of his coat but when the temps are up in the high 70s low 80s he really needs the coat to come off. Also if they are going to be hitting the beach; like I said fuzzy slippers doesn't really do it for me.

Give your dog a hug and a kiss and get on with the new week.

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