Rain, rain

Wow, I cannot believe it is raining here again in SoCal. We are truly going to resemble Ireland shortly. I was out shooting alot of dogs yesterday in hopes of getting some photography done before the rains came again. I got three shoots out of the way when the first drop hit my windshield. I had travelled alot and kept my eye on the clouds; the day started out with beautiful whispy white clouds which soon gave way to the sun and full blue sky. But within an hour that all changed.

I was heading towards Orange, yes Orange in Orange County. There I sat in the parking lot of the dog park waiting. It was really crowded; a very busy place on the weekends. I'd never been to this park so I was anxious to check it out. As I sat there the rains came harder until I really thought that this was the end of my shoot for the day.

Watching all the dogs come and go was very interesting although I did feel like a weiny sitting in the car. But it's all for the safety of my camera; not me, I don't mind getting wet. So there I sat watching; there were alot of big guarding type dogs there, shepherds, dobie, a couple of american bulldogs, there were labs and large mixes.

The dogs never even seemed to notice that it was raining; they don't care when fun is the schedule. I think dogs love to run in the muck and get dirty. Sort of like when you were a kid and given the okay to play out in the rain; afterall its only dirt. Now of course dirt to some breeds is alot worse than others; and it also depends on how clean you like to keep your dog. Having poodles and especially when they are in full coat; dirt means work for me. But I will never forgo fun for the sake of cleanliness.
Even the huge velcro coats of my guys wash off, even if it is a ton of work.

So when it rains do like the Seattlers do, go play in the rain.

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