Tequila sunrise

Yes the sun is just rising and its a beaut. The rains are apparently in the past for the time being and I can schedule a whole slew of shoots this week. The dogs will have lots of time to go for walks as I don't have to try and fit them in between the rain drops.

Depending on the forecast for the following week; Luke may get his summer haircut, we'll see. He really is not happy when he gets a haircut and I can't blame him; but I also cannot let his hair keep growing until he is covered in dreads. Yes poodles can and do get dreadlocks. Cording is becoming more common these days; just like anything different or rare. What is cording?


Generally a poodles hair starts to cord very naturally. I can see it happening in Luke's coat now. I do allow the coat to cord as it does not mat as easily as if I keep it brushed all fluffy. Tilley's coat takes much longer to cord; her coat is much curlier and tends to stay in curls rather than cord.

I have heard of many corded dog horror stories; non have been of poodles but of the Komondor breed. http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/komondor.htm Stories of dogs having snakes, snails and all sort of creatures in their coat and the mildew issue. It is imperative to dry the coat thoroughly which apparently can take days.

No I am not a fan of corded dogs unless it is little short cords that can be washed and dried in a couple of hours. Everything seems to come in phases, certain dogs; particular grooming styles are in fashion just like our clothing and hair come in and out of style.

If you do decide to try to cord your dog; make sure that you have the time and patience for the proper upkeep.

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