Superbowl Sunday

Yes it is finally here; not that I care (I'm a hockey fan myself) but my whole family is home which I love. The dogs love it as well and are obviously very settled when no one is missing. They get the most unsettled when my husband is away which he was last week. They get very barky and are on guard more than normal. They are continually expecting his arrival so that's where the barking unrest stems from.

We have alot of food cooking and Jessie has not left the kitchen this morning. That's what made me think of telling you about her condition. We almost lost this little girl 6 years ago Since this incident Jessie has been on 1/2 pred every morning. She has lost alot of hair from her ears and had a dime sized bald spot on her tail. We assumed it was from the preds which the vet said it could be as well, but since the real food feeding she is much improved.

It was a couple of weeks ago that I realized that she has all of her hair back, all of it. She looks amazing. I remember looking down at her and thinking "has her hair grown in?" I stood there so amazed; it has to be the food. I have been feeding my dogs strictly real food since August 07. I'm not surprised but I am kinda; I've very happy. Not only has Luke not had a seizure since the real food change but Jessie's hair is all back. You really are what you eat.

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