Early morning

Getting up at 5:15 is early in my books; and the fact that this morning it was actually 4:15 is insane. I find it very difficult to pull myself out of bed when it is still dark outside; it just doesn't seem right. And lastnight I had a warm and cuddly poodle snuggled beside me which really makes me want to leap out of bed; not.

A couple of years ago I went to one of those meetings where a weekend seminar is held by a huge conglomerate type company who's sole purpose is to lure others into the mix. The only thing I took away from that long and tedious day was something one person had said while lecturing about something I cared not to hear "I sleep until I'm done." What a concept; I had never even thought about it before but when I heard it; I loved it. We should all sleep until we are done; shouldn't we?

Okay, so I'm up and it is now 6:45 (really only 5:45). This time change takes me a while to adjust so bare with me. Anyhow back to dogs! Yesterday was the first day of many to come when Tilley stayed home and my husband took Luke for a run. It is time, she is slowing down and really showing signs of her age. Like I said in a previous post; it in no way means that she is done; we just need to give her a little more breathing space between extensive exercise.

She was more than happy to join Jessie and I in bed with cookies. With her golden years has come the quest for food; she and Jessie are becoming more the same with each day. I thought she would be traumatized by being left behind. But after the early morning cookies in bed; which leave a lovely crunchy coating in the bed which are not so enjoyable come bedtime, we head outside to garden.

Tilley happily chased shadows back and forth and came to check in every once in a while. Shadow chasing is only ever allowed in the yard and she knows this. She on occasion will forget herself but a little quick ahhh and she remembers. So this is a big turning point in our household; we have acknowledged Tilley's age. Not an easy thing to do.

This August will mark Luke's 8th birthday; not that 8 means anything in Luke terms but it does mean that it has been a very longtime since I've had a puppy.

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