shooting k9s

Yes, I shoot dogs for a living; with a camera that is. Funny how I correct myself depending on whom I am talking to. Sometimes it just about comes out "can I shoo-----, photograph your dog?" I am currently working on a book so I'm out shooting alot. I can pop up anywhere but I'm usually hanging where the dogs hang.

I'm getting pretty good at my schpeel; I've had to receit it so many times now. The one thing that I don't get; and it doesn't matter how many times I hear it, I still don't understand. From the wary and suspicious eye of the k9 guardian "what are you doing with the images?" What? What evil purpose could I possibly conjure up for the images?

Admittedly I am a very overprotective Mom; it starts with my kids but covers my furkids as well. I'm like a constant hovering security blanket; so when someone thinks there might be something "bad" about having their dogs image taken, it surprises me. I have been asked a couple of times to have my dogs picture taken and I'm all over it. I may be very protective but I am very proud as well.

Although dogs are extremely adorable and they are by far my favorite subject to shoot; they aren't people. Even if someone schemed to use a photo for an evil plotted plan; would anyone know it was your dog? Chances are slim. I could count the number of times someone has looked at me with suspicion on one hand. Afterall I'm not a real threatening looking person.

So be proud of your dog; let people shoot away. I am so glad I'm not a people photographer.

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