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Sadly the pet food recall of 07 has claimed many lives and is still ending the lives of great dogs. Another has been added; and I send out my deepest sympathy to her family http://k9athletes.wordpress.com/2008/03/04/pet-food-recall-claims-the-life-of-dock-jumping-beloved/

www.drmarty.com I personally know of several dogs who lost their battle because of this vast food recall. The only way to fight back is to educate everyone you speak to about good and bad dog food. I have included a link to Dr. Martin Goldsteins website above, please read all you can about dog food.

Our dogs are meant to eat meat; as a decendant of the wolf it is in their daily requirements. Dr. Goldstein has a list of the only dog foods that you should consider feeding your dog on his site; but after discussing the issue with him he does not recommend dog food at all. Only that if you have to feed dog food, these are the ones that you should look at.

Many believe that dogs should eat one type of dog food and that's it, never treats, never straying from that one same bowl of food a day. Well, my dogs eat something entirely different each and everyday and are doing amazingly. My little Jack Russell has grown her hair back; which we thought was entirely due to the prednisone she takes.

My boy Luke has not had a seizure since I started feeding "real" food to my pack back in August of 07. I have always gone back and forth from dog food to real; my dogs never eat the same food day in and day out. Sometimes if I'm in a hurry I will stop by the butchers and pick up some stewing beef for dinner; my dogs dinner.

As a trainer this is not only healthy for them but a very good training exercise. I sit on patio or kitchen floor and they must sit. Each waits their turn and no one gets pushy about it; even though raw beef is there absolute favorite. Not only is it good training and great nutrition; it is really good for their teeth.

This morning they will be having chicken, green beans and organic brown rice. Tomorrow it will be something else. And although it can be more expensive than dog food, you can definitely cut costs with feeding your dog or dogs real food. I regularly hit the grocery store for bargains. Fact, dogs don't care if meat is tender and it's it great for cleaning teeth if it's not. So stocking up on chuck roasts at .99 a lb is a big deal.

I recently cleaned out the shelf at the grocery store when I found roasts on sale. And I don't throw out leftover veggies, rice, potatos or whole wheat pasta. As you start to feed your dog real food there will be a "poop" transition that you will have to deal with, inevitably. But for the health of your dog; its worth dealing with.

Dogs who eat real food rarely drink food; that from my own experience. I cannot believe the difference in water consumption. And they only poop once a day; not two, three or more. And although bloat www.vet.purdue.edu/epi/bloat.htm
is an issue in my breed; the standard poodle, I don't worry about it near as much when they eat real food.

If you don't want to feed your dog real food, then check out the "dog food" list on Dr. Goldsteins website and buy the best dog food you can. Afterall our dogs are worth it.

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