I'm off to an early shoot this morning; I have a very busy week ahead of me. Both Luke and Jessie are on the bed with me this morning, Tilley has yet to get up and move the comforts of the human bed. The dog's bed are very comfortable and in fact Luke left his bed upstairs this morning and went downstairs to his couch. He loves that darn dog couch; and if he is not with me somewhere then that is where he can be found. I have my eye out at Costco and when they bring in more dog couches I will be stocking up.

I had a shoot on the weekend, sighthounds which have to be my all time favorite dog group to shoot. I don't know what it is about them but you just cannot take a bad photo of a sighthound. Maybe it is the whole historic thing around them; most have been around for hundreds of years and changed little since the beginning. I love to photograph all dogs, breeds or mixes makes no difference to me; don't get me wrong. But there is just something in a sighthound that give a photo that Wow factor.

I'm also playing on my new computer with a new effect; giving a gorgeous photo an effect of a painting is alot of fun. I love the way the poodle hair takes on an PS effect and Tilley's tight curls get highlighted nicely with it. Tilley has now joined us in the bed; curled up in my husbands spot. This has always been her favorite place to lay; she adores her Dad. Although Tilley and I have an amazing relationship; it is nothing compared to theirs. The mere mention of the word Dad and her ears are plastered to the side of her head. Tilley loves men; but her men rank top position in her life. And she is a smiler; she mostly smiles for her kid Brad but will if excited enough smile for the rest of the family. But she does love her boys.

Well time to get on with the day.

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