Tues, back already

Well I'm back and my dogs didn't die while I was gone. I had a quick trip down to San Diego yesterday for business so spent the day today in LaJolla with my daughter. Yes I was stressed about the dogs; I hate to leave them but my daughter and son were here to care for them. I made their food ahead for lastnight and this morning and they were only alone I think for about 2 hours at the most.

I have to admit it was great to get away and clear my head for a while, even if it was only for exactly 25 hours. One thing that my dogs must be accustom to is me being being in and out of the home; I'm always in and out all day long and that is the schedule I enjoy. I'm never gone too, too long and I have a whole family coming and going as well.

This is another reason why I like having three dogs; they keep each other company. It is funny when they know I'm going out; I grab my camera bag and put on work clothes and they will all run upstairs and dive on either my bed or theirs. They all settle in and watch me leave; no one is hugely bothered by it. And that is how it should be. They know I'll be back.

When I have been gone for an overnighter; then I brace myself for my very physical greeting which I will receive. I get the Praying mantise from Luke; arms flying everywhere that you have to watch your eyes. Jessie grabs the nearest toy and charges around galloping from one room to the next. Luke likes to give rough kisses where you have to be careful for your lip safety and he loves to bite hair when he is very excited. This we keep to a minimum by leaving the room; which immediately defuses the situation.

But watching all the wagging tails when my head pops through the door makes it more than worth it to be away for a bit. Its always good to be home.

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