Good morning, I'm waiting for an electrician this morning. I was up at 5:00 getting everything done before he arrives around 7. I hate having workers in the house, it throws a wrench into my daily routine. The dogs hate it too; they were outside at 6:30. For three dogs who love to sleep in and enjoy sharing the warmth of my bed with me in the morning; getting thrown out into the cold cruel world in the am is not okay with them. Luke is mad and venting his anger on any noise that happens to catch his attention. He also knows that if he barks enough; there is a good chance I'm coming to bring him in.

Speaking about Luke, the supreme Momma's boy. Everytime I feed the dogs I hang out in the kitchen until they are done. If I didn't Jessie would either have alot of scars or be as fat as a house. So supervision is a must. Lastnight I quietly snuck out of the kitchen to watch American Idol and my husband did the watching. I thought once Luke noticed my absence that he would stop eating but he didn't. But what he did do after finishing his meal was to charge downstairs in a panick to find me. I was not in my normal couch spot and he ran around the familyroom like a crazed dog.

With his head straight up; using his nose to help him find me he was very upset. He actually looked right past me but because he was in a stress mode; he didn't even see me. He ran back and forth, checked the couch where I usually sit; several times. He even approached the couch wagging; no one was sitting on the couch. After watching this for a while I said "hey, I'm right here." He pounced me and then proceeded to stand 3 feet away from me just starring; he wasn't letting me out of his sight again.

Being that he was in front of the television; I invited him up to sit with me. He took an almightly leap over Tilley and Jessie to get to me, did several spins and snuggled down a happy guy beside me. So Luke's nose had been working great but because he let himself get into such a state his eyes failed him. He knew I was in the room but couldn't find me; so he was really panicked.


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