Ah, much better

Much cooler this morning, I'm very happy about this. I think Tilley is going to loose her mohawk this morning; I'm growing tired of it. Everyone loves it but it really isn't her. And Luke? I'll leave him as a hairy beast as his hair grows in.

It seems that I have solved the barking frenzy situation at our house. Sometimes it just needs a little imagination. The first day we put Jessie in her crate; which did solve the problem. But with summer around the corner and the high temps I do not like leaving her in a crate when I am out. I have a fear of the AC breaking down and I would hate her to be somewhere she couldn't cool off.

The familyroom in this house stays very cool even in the hottest of weather so this is where I like to leave them. The problem was to figure out what was going on in Jessie's little head and how to turn it around. The original problem seemed to be my bed; and some sort of guarding/control issue on Jessie's part.

I tried just closing my bedroom door but she seemed to transfer that guarding/control issue to the front entrance where she can control the poodles either going up or down the two sets of stairs. The tell tale sign of unrest is coming home to a pack of frenzied dogs. They are all getting up there in age and would normally be sleeping when I get home so this is very different of late.

So on the weekend I got out the old babygate and gave it a whirl. They have been gated in the familyroom when we had a bunch of workers here doing upstairs work. But never when I go out so I didn't know if they would be okay with it or not, but it worked great. It was just enough of a switch up to put everything back in order, for now that is.

Jessie, Tilley and Luke were becoming anxious as I got ready to go out; I could see it in their faces. And it was obviously directed at Jessie. So hopefully this new familyroom solution will work from now on. Everyone was in a bed/couch when I got home and no one was barking or panting; great!!

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