Wednesday the 30th and popularity

Can you even believe that we are almost into May, where does the time go? I spent the whole morning in the North end of the OC finishing up my book shoots. One place that I was shooting was the Arbor Dog Park in Los Alamitos, very nice. I was very impressed, it has to be one of the nicest parks around.

Everyone was very well behaved at the dog park, it seemed to be more relaxing than some. Perhaps the size, it is a large dog park. The grass was nice, I'm not a big fan of the wood chips that some dog parks put in them. There were several trees scattered around the area and the whole park is surrounded by a golf course so the scenery is nice as well.

I actually saw two very nice miniature poodles at the park, a silver and a white. Amazingly enough you really don't see miniature poodles around much anymore. When I was young just about everyone had a miniature poodle. They became the dog to have and they were bred like crazy. Now they seemed to have just about gone with the rise of all the new "designer dogs," and breeds that are popping up.

As cool as it seems to have the "in" dog; it is the breed that catches the public eye that often suffers the worst. Take several years back with the popularity of Jack Russells; all because of Wishbone and Eddie on Frasier. Also the dalmation breed suffered tremendously due to the new Dalmation movie, very sad.

So when a breed starts to die off; this can only be a good thing.


  1. The 'in' breed in Australia at the moment is a Malamute, so impractical in such a hot country...and so many end up at the pounds

  2. Really? That's unbelievable, I thought having Northern breeds in California was ridiculous; but in Australia? That's nuts.


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