Busy Wed.

What a busy day it was yesterday. I started my morning early at the grocery store. I've decided to keep an eye on the meat sales instead of relying on the hit and miss method of getting meat at great prices for my dogs. I stocked up on London Broil which here in CA is a less than tender piece of beef. $1.99/lb which is a great piece for meat that is not ground. Now I've seen one of my favorite health food stores has chicken on for .99/lb so that's where I'm headed today.

After the grocery store and then feeding the dogs it was on the computer to work on both of my books. I am caught up with all my photos and just about done my training book. I really cannot wait to have both done so I can move onto my new projects.

The afternoon and into the early evening was filled with 4 back to back shoots. Everything ran smoothly albeit a bit of expect SoCal traffic to deal with. But all the dogs did wonderfully and I loved chatting with all the guardians; what a great job I have.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, mid 60s; my kind of weather. But, we are in for heat tomorrow and over the weekend. Today is suppose to be 75 then moving up to 83 Friday and over the weekend. The beach goers will love it. I'm so glad that I have a new set of clippers because Tilley is already due for another hair cut. I'm sure it will be done in a flash which will be far from the old method of struggling through the hair.

I will be spending the better part of tomorrow at the Pet Expo at the OC Fair Grounds so anyone in the area; don't forget it is on this weekend if you want to attend.

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