Pet Expo 2008

I'm off to the Pet Expo this morning early; in hopes of beating the crowds. A couple of years ago I attended the same event on Friday and Sunday. The Friday wasn't too, too bad but Sunday was crazy. It is a huge event with all animals represented but you know where I will be. Unfortunately it is suppose to heat up; so I don't know how long into the afternoon I'll be staying.

The event is all about representing; so all the people there representing their breed are more than happy to share information on their breeds. There will be breeds that are common and the ones that are rare; there might even be something I hadn't seen before. The last event that I attended I met my first Klee Kai (tiny siberian husky).

There is dock diving set up which I would love to bring Tilley to but with my camera and shooting its tough to drag her around all day, especially in the heat so she' ll stay at home with her bed buddies. There is also an "adoption" area set up with all the rescue groups from around the area there with dogs. I hope alot of these dogs find homes this year; I'll have to see how many got new homes from last years event.

There is of course a vendor section which I'll have a look at. Last time there was a booth that sold amazingly beautiful log bunkbeds for dogs. They were gorgeous; wish I could afford one or two. So I see if there is anything new out there for our dogs that might be great; I'll probably bring home a toy or two for my guys. And hopefully I will get lots of great images.

Have a great weekend all.

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