Faux Hawks and heat

I just finished clipping Tilley again; she has such a tight, thick coat that she really feels the heat. Even when it is only an inch long she suffers so off it came. Just as I was heading outside my son asked me to PLEASE give her a Mohawk, Faux hawk to be exact. Ah what the heck, I can shave it off after he enjoys his poodle sporting a faux hawk for a while. Well, its not coming off anytime soon; it looks adorable.

I have decided that as soon as Luke has enough coat; he will be sporting a faux hawk as well. Then I will take the two down to the beach as see what happens. No one knows that my guys are poodles, with no familiar pom poms people are truly baffled. Just last week my husband got asked if they were Weimaraners, ah no. I have taken some photos of Tilley and will post them as soon as I get them onto my computer.

Its hot today; up around the 100 degree mark; which is just plain to hot. I'm so glad I made it to the pet Expo on Friday when it was only in the 80s. I feel for all those folks and the dogs who sat through this heat today. The temps are suppose to go back down to around the 70s tomorrow but those high temps are just around the corner for us. I really have to finish my book before we are in the full throws of summer.

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