Pot Roast and dog stuff

I spent approx. 3 hours at the Pet Expo yesterday; it was pretty hot but nothing like it is going to be today. I'd probably be going back if it wasn't going to be so hot. I was there to shoot a couple of different dogs and I had fun shooting the Dock Diving dogs. There is quite a knack to getting a great shot of these flying water dogs. You really cannot predict what they will do and sometimes they are just so fast you miss them entirely. So out of a ton of shots only a handful turned out great. But one is amazing and to me one out of a hundred is worth shooting the hundred.

I briefly visited the adoption buildings; it was heartbreaking and mind boggling how there can be so many. But there were also alot of people there obviously looking to bring someone home with them which is great. So many breeds are represented at this function; people really have a chance to learn about some cool dogs from really dedicated breeders and rescuers.

So this morning we slept in, 7 o'clock is sleeping in for us. I went down to get the coffee and remembered I had put meat on for the dogs lastnight. I placed three 2 1/2 lb london broils in my slow cooker. The thing with the slow cooker is that you don't smell the food cooking until you unlatch the lid so that's how I had forgotten. It smelled amazing when I lift the lid; it is cooking in organic chicken broth. I have rice that I cooked lastnight for them and they will have tomatos and green beans with it.

I'm telling you, it smells amazing first thing in the morning. I might just join them in their delicious feast.

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