Luke is on the mend

Well after a day of rest Luke is limping less; although he does tend to kick into action as soon as he is feeling the slightest bit better which is not good. When my husband got home lastnight Luke was sent into a crazy bounding frenzy which was definitely not good for his leg but it is hard to stop him. The greatest excitement to Luke is when Jessie starts getting excited and barking so then his attention is on her and the chase is on. She knows this and is always ready. She does not like when he goes after her and throws her small body at him with her teeth fully exposed. Lastnight I said if I could just get a shot of that.

It is quite a sight; just picture a 27" (at the shoulders) blonde standard poodle running and bounding like a crazy person. Now picture a 12 3/4" jack russell in mid air connecting with his face. Jessie's hair is all up; down her back and her lips are pulled back to add emphasize to the hit. I don't know if I'll ever have my camera ready at the precise moment but I'm going to start thinking about it for sure; it would be a great shot.

So today will be another day of rest and when Luke does start getting back at it; it will be on leash. Luke walks on the Easy Walker from Premier. He is by far one of the worst pulling dogs that I have ever come across. He is reactive which basically means when he displays emotion it is tenfold. No matter what the emotion is; it is bigger than a regular dog so when he is excited he pulls and he pulls hard. Often the pulling is accompanied with whining; sometimes extreme whining.
So, I was sent this harness from Premier to give it a try. They sent me an XL which was too big for Luke so I ordered a large. Well, I ordered several more and gave each one away to clients.

This is going to be long so; I'm going to make two posts out of it. Continued below.

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