We start again

Its Monday again and this past weekend was a flurry of activity at our house. The dogs were exercised like crazy; everyone was in a walking mood. Everyone is sleeping soundly; crashed to be exact on my bed. Luke has hurt himself again; I don't know what he did but he is limping pretty badly. I will rest him for a couple of days and see how his leg is.

Luke hurts himself alot, he is very long legged and long necked; hence leg and neck injuries constantly. Typically a couple of days of quiet gets everything back to where it should be and then he is ready to go again. When he runs in the canyon he could easily twist something. There are hills and rocks a varitable agility course to run.

April is wrap up the books month. I have two on the go and would like to move onto the next so; I'm kicking it into full gear and trying to finish the first two. This calls for alot of scheduling, organizing, writing and shooting. So, I best get at it.

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