OPRAH and ice cream

Yesterday my daughter and I stopped for ice cream on the way home; after taking the three dogs out. She ate 3/4 of hers and decided to share it with the dogs. I often get them their own mini cup of plain frozen yogurt which they love but this was a cone so I spent about 5 min. capturing it with my camera.

Okay, enough with the cutesy stuff. Oprah's show today is about Puppy Mills; for me it has been alongtime coming. I've been hoping for her to do a show on the subject for sometime. Seeing the effect that her show has on anything is inspiring. Hopefully now everyone will know and there will be no more excuse for purchasing a puppy from a pet store. It is just not okay.

So many people frequent the store even though they know. Now in all fairness some people actually don't know; which I don't get. With all the information out there, it has been on the news, there have been specials about the millers and how they fill the petstores with their sickly little dogs but still there are people filling the stores.

We have a store at the mall that is very close to me. I never go in, I can't stomach it. It is a dirty little secret and hopefully this will help to shut them all down. Take a stand and do not give stores that carry dogs and cats your money. There are many stores that do not.

Pet stores are only part of the problem though, the internet websites with the adorably posed puppies is the next to be addressed. I don't know if I can make it through the whole show, it looks pretty graphic but huge kudos for Oprah for addressing the topic.

Please watch and spread the word.

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