Oprah's show

Oh yes it was rough to watch; as the tears flowed in people around the world it was like a slap in the face for many. Far too often I hear; "if I'd known I would have never. " Now hopefully there will be no more people who do not know. Oprah addressed the pet store issues, the mills and the rate of euthanasia; startling for many I'm sure. How can people, so called human beings think of dogs in the way a miller does. I have always wondered how they sleep at night but after watching the show you realize that they just don't see anything wrong with what they are doing.

Having been a dog trainer for over 9 years; I have seen my share of puppy mill dogs. I have councelled guardians on extreme behavior issues; talked them through their grief after having to euthanize their deathly ill puppy and watched the saddness of those who dedicate their lives to rescuing the discarded and unwanted. So, it is a new day and the truth has been told by the most influential person that can spread the word. I fear that if this does not drastically change the masses that there is little hope for the bleak life of mill dogs.

The direction is upward and onward; you just keeping telling people; you hope that those who can, will spread the word. There are so many people out there who are helping in the cause. The people who are at the frontlines trying to shut the mills down, the people who take in all the broken dogs when a mill is shutdown. The ones who foster the dogs and try to fix what has been done to them and the families who adopt them into their homes.

But there is another issue that needs addressing as well and that is the idea of disposable dogs. Many of these dogs were pet store dogs; purchased on impulse because of the awww factor, then simply tossed aside when the realization hits that "hey we really don't want a dog." I for one have talked many people out of a dog; helped people with behavior issues so that they can keep their dog and brought many an "outside dog," in where they belong. I will help anyone who needs it and I can be contacted by anyone who just needs to discuss a dog issue; just email me.

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