Puzzling behavior

We have some weird stuff going on. I think I've discussed this a bit lately but it seems to be getting worse. If I go out at night for any reason I have been coming home to a frenzied pack of dogs. Tilley is by far the most distraught and I have been puzzled as to what exactly is going on. My dogs have never been the kind to stress about us going out; they are very use to it. Being that I am a trainer and photographer I'm pretty much in and out all day long.

Lastnight as my husband and I were getting ready to go to the book store Tilley started to display some odd behavior. She was obviously stressed about something; she couldn't settle and kept looking at us like NOOOOOO don't go; weird. I made sure that all of the windows were closed so if they did decide to go into a barking frenzy that I wasn't going to have my neighbors at the door when I got home.

As we exited the house we locked the door and waited. We have a window in the front door so we could peek at what was happening at least at the front door. Jessie and Tilley immediately ran upstairs and the barking began. I had no idea that it started so soon; and again I was puzzled. Listening carefully I could hear that it was Jessie; what the heck was she barking at?

So we quietly opened the door and I snuck upstairs, there she was in my room just barking. I don't know what she is barking at but this is my take on what is going on. She is short; so short that she cannot get up onto our new King sized bed. She wants up on the bed so that she can get to the jar of cookies on my night table. She is frustrated that the poodles can both get up there so; she is barking. I cannot be sure that this is what is going on but I'm sure going to figure this out.

The very fast and easy solution lastnight was to put Jessie in her crate. When we came home both Tilley and Luke were relaxed and asleep downstairs. Whatever is going on it is stressing Tilley out; not good. Tilley is such a good dog that this type of bad behavior is enough to drive her over the edge; she just cannot handle it. She may have even attempted to stop Jessie as she tends to do if she feels the need, and the result of that will be that Jessie will end up getting hurt.

We will be executing an investigation; I will sneakily hide and we will pretend that we are all going out. I don't know if I can pull this off but I have to try to see if what I think is going on; is in fact going on. Little pig that Jessie is I'm assuming that it is all about food. We'll see; and I will let you know if I'm correct in my assumption.

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