The calm before the storm

This is a very quiet morning leading up to a very busy week. I have a ton of shoots this week and this weekend will hopefully be back to back shoots so to finish up my one book. It has been a ton of work, loved almost every second of it. We had a very uneventful weekend, the poodles and the JRT were pooped lastnight and recooperating while we watched the Ducks get kicked out of the finals, sad but true.

I had Jessie out on a walk; a long walk yesterday afternoon. She was in fine form and ready to rumble with anyone who looked her way. Funny somedays she is the perfect angel and somedays; not. We saw a snake on our walk; I still have not been able to find out what type it was. It was black with some red; I can't remember where the red was as it slithered away very quickly. Jessie of course triggered to the movement; she was just about on top of it when it decided that she was too close. I think at the sametime that I triggered she actually moved away but I can't be sure because my yank reflex kicked immediately.

Maybe it was the snake that got her fired up, before the snake we met a family of four tiny, furry dogs; Jessie's arch enemies since being attacked several times by this type of dog. But she was fine, she gave them the eye but that was it. It is difficult not to signal impending incidents when you must walk very close to another dog. Of course you have to reign your dog in; which in turn gives them a heads up and mixed signals. So this is probably the culprit for Jessie's firey exhibits. Too close, tight leash, and communications signals being messed up.

People always seem to be so shocked when she displays; she looks like such a cutie. On the other hand I have brought her into a dog park several times when people could be heard saying "oh no, a Jack Russell." So some people know about these feisty little guys, some have yet to learn about a Jack Russell's tenacity. There are some breeds of terriers that are not as feisty but many are well known as Terrors.

Even today; you may still see sparring in the show ring. This is when a judge will two handlers to face their terriers towards each other. They want to see that they are little spitfires; although this is a bit shocking in todays world. It would be nice to see them loosing a bit of this tenacity towards other dogs.

Don't get me wrong though, Jessie is a great Jack Russell. She definitely has a leash aggression issue, being that she is a terrier but off leash she is pretty civil; as long as the other dog knows that she is the reigning queen and bows down to every wish. ;)

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