Another year

Another year has come and gone and I am hopefully not only older but wiser ;) I spent the morning of my b-day at Main beach in Laguna with my three dogs and my daughter, very nice. The sun was out and the scenery as usual was breathtaking. I try very hard to never take the turquoise water with the white waves crashing up onto the rocks for granted; it is one of the most beautiful things.

Luke's leash came yesterday as if on cue. He was not anxious to try it on so I called Tilley to give it a first time fitting. I fit it on Tilley but for Luke; leaving extra room for Luke's very deep chest. He is very hard to fit harnesses on as he is very narrow but deep in the chest. Once I fit the harness I called Luke over, we did the keeping just out of reach routine until I grew impatient.

Luke hung his head while I put the harness on and fit it; he is such a ween about getting anything fit on him, especially harnesses. Once on I wanted to see if it made him walk the way the other harness does. When he first gets a harness on he walks on his tiptoes for some reason; I think he thinks that he can get away from it somehow that way. He did do the tiptoe thing but very quickly realized that it was quite comfortable.

These harnesses from are made very well and come in a huge array of colors and sizes. I like that each size has very large adjustment straps. And although I have not walked Luke in it yet, I am very impressed and think that I'm really going to love it.

I am not a fan of collars, of course not choke, pinch or e-collars but even a regular collar can put alot of pressure on a dogs neck so I really love a good harness. Now that I have found this one I plan on ordering one for Tilley and Jessie, not sure what color but definitely something girly. For some reason people think that Tilley is a boy and Luke is a girl. I believe it is the color with Luke being a blondie and Tilley grey. Everyone usually assumes that Jessie is a boy as well but I think that is because she is pretty tough looking ;)

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