What a weekend and crates

It is to be hot again today; apparently not quite as hot as it was yesterday and Sat. but still hot in my books. The dogs had their exercise early in the morning and we pretty much tried to hide from the heat.

This morning I was looking around the bedroom for Jessie in the mounds of dog blankets and beds, hmmmm where was she? I decided because it was so warm lastnight not to put her into her crate. She sleeps in her crate because when we bought a giant kingsize bed almost 1 1/2 years ago she continually woke me up at night trying to jump up onto it.

After weeks of broken sleep I decided to pull out the old crate. As a trainer I am accustom to people giving me the "I would never put my dog in a cage" ideas. I then go over the whole thing about how a crate becomes a dogs den when used correctly and mostly people are sold once I give them all the info. Some stand strong in their beliefs until their dog nearly ruins their whole house.

I often get the call as a last attempt to save their dog. They are at their wits end and if nothing can be done; the dog and the destructiveness will be handed to someone else. I give them the goods on a crate and all is saved; YEAH Sherri saves the day again.

I am so use to the non crate attitude now that it just takes one look to know who is a non believer. It is that "oh no I wouldn't" face that people have when you mention the idea of a crate. All I know is that I love crates and will always have crates. They are used as a bed/den and safe place to have your dog if you have any doubts about giving free reign when you are out.

So, where did I find Jessie this morning? In her crate, with the door open.

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