Breed Talk - The Bulldog

Few breeds can entertain like a Bulldog. I have had the honor of training alot of Bulldogs and it did not take me long to fall in love. Hands down Bulldogs are the most expressive and amuzing breed there is. If you have never had the chance to meet and get to know one; I highly recommend it.

What I noticed very quickly when I started working with Bulldogs is that they have been given the "stupid card." Far from stupid; their intelligence works to their benefit; convincing their guardians that they just can't "get it." And far too often the bulldog guardian shrugs and moves onto something more pliable. Do not let a bulldog con you into thinking they are the big dumb dog; not even close.

Bulldog are heavy set low riders; not built for super athletic sports but love run and romp with the best of them. With their lack of muzzle length you must take extra precaution in the heat; ensuring that they do not over heat. The bulldog does not have a height standard in the US but goes by weight; a male should run around 50 lbs with the females approx. 40.

Unfortunately Bulldogs are one of the breeds that the puppy millers have gotten their hands on so be careful where you acquire your dog from. Make sure that the breeder where you get your bulldog does all the required health testing. Bulldogs have their fair share of health issues so before buying make sure you can afford the up keep. Most Bulldogs that I have met have allergies; whether food, grass or other substance it is common with the breed.

With a body built like a tank it makes sense that swimming is not a bulldogs cup of tea. Although I do know several who can swim; most sink like a stone. So please take extra precaution around water with your bulldog.

The bulldog is definitely one of the breeds that people accept as big and fat. But a fat Bulldog is just as unhealthy as any other breed, maybe even more so given their height. Watch their weight; they do love to eat. And many guardians have told me that once you have a bulldog you always have a bulldog. Their annoying snoring becomes melodic to most; something you learn to love and cannot live without.

I love Bulldogs, their expressiveness, ignorning stubborness, funny body language and loveable snorting makes them irresisstble. And I have to admit; there is nothing cuter than a bulldog puppy, they win hands down.

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