My first BITE

Well it has finally happen; with all my years handling dogs in the show ring, training dogs for over 9 years and shooting them for almost 4; I got bit. BY A DUCK!!!!!!! One would think that the odds of being bitten by a dog are highly evelvated being that I deal with dogs on a daily basis; but nope I was bit by a duck.

I had both training and several photos shoots yesterday, it was a full day. I was at my first shoot; my models were amazingly gorgeous; an intense guarding breed. The shoot was at a park with a lake, man made of course. There were ducks all around the lake; in and out of the water.

One weird looking duck started to approach me; I assumed it wanted me to move so I did. It looked like a cross between a duck and a turkey actually. It had the red wrinkly skin around its head and was a large size. I moved, I moved again but it was not happy with me moving. It lowered it's head and waggged its rear end at me, hmmm.

Seeing that I do not know duck behavior I just tried to stay away. I soon forgot about the duck and was fully enthralled in my shoot when WHACK. "Ouch, that stupid bird bit me." I hadn't been paying attention and the creepy thing snuck up behind me and took advantage of the tiny spot of skin showing on my lower back and took a bite, and it hurt.

It wasn't phased by the ordeal at all and continued to monitor and follow my movement at the lake. I was phased; having never been bitten in all my years of dog work; I was highly perturbed. With one eye on the duck and my other of my models I finished the shoot.

So there you have it, my first bite story.

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