Busy week

The week is already underway and we are at Tuesday already. I don't know about you but starting my week off on a Tuesday messes me up. I hope everyone had a great Memorial weekend, I did. Nothing hugely memorable but nice. The dogs had a full weekend of exercise, getting bathed and fun and are crashed bigtime.

Unfortunately with summer comes fleas and the hunt for a little less non toxic treatments to keep the beast away is a huge undertaking. Last year we were innundated and I finally found out the cause; MY NEIGBORS DOG WAS INFESTED. Fleas had taken over the dog nextdoor who lives outside, at the side of my house. So with so many fleas they decided to hop the fence and look for more dogs to eat.

We finally got it under control when a vet told them that their dog was infested with fleas!!!!!!!!!!! So reasearch, research to find out how to ward these things away without doing any longterm damage to my dogs. I've decided to bath the pooches regularly as those little beast drown during a bath. If you have a pool, let your dog swim for the good of them and the death of a flea.

I highly recommend looking into all those "topical" treatments that are so amazing. Just what are we putting on our dogs? Did you ever think twice when the label says "keep children away." And we are putting it right on our dogs? How about flea and tick killer that we have our dogs ingest? If you think about it really hard, it doesn't make sense. Something that is so toxic that it kills fleas and ticks in hours; get your dog to eat it.

I am using Natural Defense; at a minimum. A little spray here and there, washing the beds and the dogs regularly and keeping a close eye on anything moving that shouldn't be moving on my dogs. I hate fleas.

I've got a full spectrum of dog stuff going on this week, a couple of shoots, some training, a poodle meet up, working up photos for a magazine submission and getting my two books off to some new publishers.

Busy, busy.

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