Happy B-day Jessie

Today is Jessie's 12th birthday; no one would ever guess that she is a day over a year old. I am always stopped by people wondering how old my puppy is; and when I tell them she was 11 they think I mean weeks. They are totally shocked when I tell them years. Now at 12 years old she looks great; the lady at the petstore today told her so today. I took her into get a special treat and the cashier gave her a huge ice cream cone shaped cookie for her birthday.

To have Jessie reach the age of 12 years is pretty much a miracle. We have had a bonus 6 years so far with her as she was at deaths door 6 years ago. To think that these past 6 years could have be spent without our little Jessie would have been very sad indeed. I have to admit that she is the cutest Jack Russell Ive ever seen, not because she is mine or anything. ;)

We got Jessie almost 12 years ago at the request of my husband; he had wanted a Jack Russell for years. Other than this single little JRT its been Standard poodles. So when I realized he really want a Jack Russell I set off to find a good breeder in Ontario. I found The Bowery in Bancroft, Ontario. I set up an appointment to come out and check out their dogs and perhaps bring home a tiny puppy.

When we arrived I was amazed at the set up and impressed by the quality of dogs. She had set two puppies inside for us to choose from. Knowing our family history, children and dogs she had chose two puppies that would fit. I was immediately drawn to the white broken coat with a tiny spot on her eye. My husband immediately fell in love with Jessie. At that moment I decided to step back and let him choose the dog he wanted; afterall it was his breed of choice. So the decision was made and Jessie joined us on our trip home.

She was definitely a handful in the beginning but made a big turn around at around the age of 3. Now at 12 she is a tiny angel; but still very much a Jack Russell. She is always ready for a rumble, up to hunt and kill at any moment, chase anything that moves, eat anything edible; sometimes even not edible, she is the continual enforcer and keeps everyone smiling always.

Happy Birthday Jess

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