Dried up chicken

Dried chicken breast, it is one of my dogs favorite treats. I buy these at Trader Joe's and the dogs go crazy for them. This is one of my secret weapons when Luke is in his "not eating" moods. This morning I was getting one ready to bring upstairs with me; I turned to grab my coffee and heard it hit the floor.

Knowing full well that Jessie was right behind me I turned in an instant to grab it from her. It was already in her mouth when I turned; she is like lightening when it comes to food. I told her to drop it "fat chance." A 12 year old Jack Russell on prednisone is going to drop a piece of chicken out of her mouth, yep!

I have to say she is pretty good about dropping things, being a JRT and all. But I could tell by her face that her brain had shut down and her stomach had taken over. It is a look that I am accustom to working with. I grabbed one end of the chicken and told her to drop it; again. It wasn't happening.

Although she loves food beyond life itself I am use to her finally giving in; this was not going to happen this morning. Maybe it was because she hasn't eaten yet this morning, maybe she thought the consequences were going to be such that eating the chicken was worth it. For whatever reason; her stomach told her to hang on tight.

As I am well use to her crazed love of food; I am also not use to loosing. So as she held tight, so did I. The chicken finally broke in half and she swallowed her way too large piece. Yes she stood there in discomfort as it lodged in her throat. I waited to see if it would go down or I was going to need to perform the heimlic manoeuvre: Abdominal thrusts, also known as the Heimlich Maneuver (after Henry Heimlich, who first described the procedure in a June 1974 informal article entitled "Pop Goes the Cafe Coronary," published in the journal Emergency Medicine. Edward A. Patrick, MD, PhD, an associate of Heimlich, has claimed to be the uncredited co-developer of the procedure, and has been quoted calling it the Patrick maneuver.[4] Heimlich has objected to the name "abdominal thrusts" on the grounds that the vagueness of the term "abdomen" could cause the rescuer to exert force at the wrong site.

After a few seconds she managed to down the chicken and was banished from the kitchen. Ya gotta laugh.

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