A lunch guest

We had lunch in San Clemente today; by the time we got there I was near starved to death. We ended up at a Mexican restaurant which is my favorite and we were seated outdoors on the patio. To my delight we had a lunch guest near our table; a 6 mos old red min pin. When we arrived she was more or less tangled up around a lamp post but her guardian unhooked her as we took our seat.

She seemed very friendly; showing a little bit of fearful apprehension with a few things but pretty good. I overheard her guardian say that she was 6 mos old and she looked it; still very lanky. She was enjoying meeting people and seemed to be having a good time except that her girl was holding her leash very tight so she couldn't come and annoy us. Annoy me??? The original dog lady; never in a million years.

So when the time presented itself I told her to feel free to let her little pup wander; and that we loved dogs. She said she didn't want her to annoy us; and I told her it wasn't going to happen. So she let her wander and she came and said hello; stuck around for a while and then came and went at her leisure. She was adorable.

She had a little bit of a scare by a delivery guy; her hair stood straight on her back as he came closer and closer. Finally she couldn't take anymore and dove under her guardians table until the threat passed. Then she slowly crept out; being careful to look in all directions for the offender. He was gone and she was once again good to go. He then appeared and she forgo the tough girl act and went straight under the table.

I was impressed with her human; no consoling, no coaxing her that all was well; she just ignored her and went on eating lunch. This was the correct thing to do and the little pup was paying attention; she quickly realized there was nothing to fear and came out once again.

We actually left first, I leaned down and said my good-byes; adorable little thing.

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