Not for the sensitive type-diarrhea

You might want to have breakfast before reading this one people. I know it is gross but with dogs comes the issue of diarrhea.

With a pack of three dogs it seems that every so often someone has either loose stool or diarrhea. Dogs are very much like us in that they can have steel stomachs or not. My guys are pretty much great in the stomach department; Jessie is completely amazing and rarely has any bouts of diarrhea.

The worst we ever had was when Luke was just a puppy and brought Coccidia into our home.

We had three dogs with diarrhea at one time. If your dog has never had coccidia you are very, very lucky. Luke was a very bad dirt eater when he was a puppy, he could not help himself from grabbing mouthfuls of it everytime he saw dirt. When we were at the vet I told him of this problem and he said "once a dirt eater always a dirt eater." I took it as a challenge and my mission in life to stop him from eatting dirt. I won, I stopped Luke from eatting dirt and we had no more coccidia problems.(How I did it in a later post)

Tilley has a problem with eating coyote poop; we didn't have this issue in Canada but we sure have it here. We actually had to stop taking her down into the canyons for her runs until we did some anti poop eatting training. Just like Luke she did great and we don't have the problem too often. Except that now she is getting older and naturally hangs back on my husbands runs. I think she knows how to get to the poop by waiting until my husband is up ahead. Gross but remember they are dogs, not people and dogs do tend to like to snack on other species poop every now and again.

So now she has an upset stomach, yesterday I went and bought pumpkin. Pumpkin really helps if a dog has loose stool or diarrhea. She seems better this morning so I'm hoping that she is on the mend. If not I will once again collect a sample and be on my way to the vet.

Its a dirty job but someone has to do it. :)

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