Shower day

It was a busy day today; the sun was out bright and early so I decided after my shoots this morning that everyone was going in the shower. I figure if I'm bathing one; I may as well do everyone. Tilley was first; I caught her off guard and escorted her in. They all try the get away routine out the bathroom door but I am always ready for it.

They don't really hate it that much but they always have to object. Tilley's coat is by far the most tedious; it is thick and very curly. I like to get her done with first so it just gets easier. Next is Jessie which is literally 3 minutes; in and out. With my back spasming I decide to wait a bit for Luke. Besides this gives me a chance to catch Luke off guard; he'll forget after a while that he hasn 't had his turn yet.

Sure enough, he forgot and came running in the house with the girls. Happy as can be until I put my hand around him; he sunk and tried the get away but it was too late. They are all very good in the shower. Luke's coat is much thinner and loosely curled, so he doesn't take very long. Once out he is a complete maniac and loves to play his attack the towel game with me. He zooms around the yard, spinning and jumping like a fool as I attempt to dry him.

What fun !!!!!

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