Gloomy in the OC

Good morning; well yesterday was less than a sunny SoCal day. The dogs came in from their early morning trip to the yard and were wet; it was actually raining. Maybe rain isn't the correct term; it was heavy misting which luckily does not cause the brakes to come on when I open the door for the dogs. A good rain will do it everytime; "rain? Its raining? I'm not going out." A common problem with Dogs in the OC.

But by the end of the week the sun is to be out and the temps rising into the 90s. Even with the gloom it looks like a great day already; afterall I have a puppy training session this morning. It's a great day when you get to spend a good portion of it with a puppy. A day spent with a dog of any age in my books is a good one.

Yesterday was recovery day here at my house; the weekend was a very active exercise one for the pooches. Luke will be 8 in August and the girls are 11 and 12 so that means that sleep is a big part of life here in my house. Monday is typically the day when they sleep the entire day and yesterday was just that. While working on photos and finishing up my training book I did a "check in" every once in a while.

The dogs were scattered around the house in their primo spots. Allow they like to switch it up every so often they have their favorites. Tilley like to sleep on my daughters bed where she can sleep with one eye open still keeping a watch out the front of the house. Luke sleeps on my bed to keep a close eye on my comings and goings and jessie was curled up on the top of two dog beds and a fleece blanket.

The house was so quiet; not a peep out of any of exhausted canines. If someone had visit our home yesterday they would not have believed that we have dogs. But by the evening Luke was rested and ready to go. I had the evening ritual toy dropped in my lap to toss or tug; take your pick. I pretty much opt for a toss as Luke's strength can litterally yank me off of the couch. It is surprising at only 50 lbs the sheer power and determination in that boy.

Now rested they will be ready to go today; we'll be out enjoying the OC somewhere.

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