Tilley's tail update and food

I thought I would update everyone who followed the tail situation with Tilley last fall. Her tail healed and her hair grew back. She does have a few tiny bald spots that her hair covers nicely. The hair that did grow back is black and course so she has a big black spot on her tail which is a whole lot better than not having a tail. It was a long and painful ordeal for her but with much TLC she was able to keep her tail; I am very happy to say.

Now onto food, what is your dog eating this morning? My dogs are eating chicken, carrots, green beans, ground flax seed and brown rice. Lastnight they finished up some beef I had cooked up for them on Friday and they had steak. When my dogs do eat the same thing that we are eating they get the same quality that we do. I may throw in some grissle or tough pieces but they do not recieve fat cutoffs.

Fat is typically what will upset a dogs stomach and give them the much unwanted diarrhea. I do buy tougher cuts of meat for them; they don't care about tenderness and it helps their teeth to have to chew more. I was resently speaking to a woman who throws a whole chicken into her slow cooker and once it is cooked, crushes the whole thing down for her dogs, bones and all.

I have not tried this yet but plan to. I do not think I'll give them the leg bones but once I see what type of consistency it becomes I will know more. I do not EVER give my dogs cooked bones, but she said it all gets soft. My dogs do eat bones but they are always raw, no splitting no sharp edges.

When they eat bones it is big beef leg bones, raw and soft. What they consume is bone meal as it slowly is chewed, so no sharp pieces or edges. It is very important to watch what your dogs eat; especially if you have a non chewer like our little Jack Russell Jessie.

Speaking about Jessie; everyone was commenting on how her hair has completely grown back since being on a "real" food diet. She is pretty furry, even what use to be a very bald stomach is now furry. Her ears completely grew back, the bald spot on her tail and she has once again her trademark freckles all over.

You are what you eat so to speak.


  1. Trevor's breeder makes a chicken " slop" all the time for her crew. A whole chicken, a bunch of veggies tossed into a pressure cooker. She says that the bones literally dissolve. It sounds great, but I'm not that inspired!

  2. I'm just starting to love my slow cooker. Throw it in in the morning and presto, dinner. Works for both humans and dogs :)


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