Very large lap dogs

Who doesn't love a dog curled up in their lap while they watch television in the evening? Well, tonight I had a very large lap dog. Luke; who is not allowed on the fabric couch climbed quickly and stealthy into my lap and over the arm of the couch. I had been petting him for a while; he had his front half across my lap which is "legal." He then got down and wandered around a little before he returned; I again told him to assume the allowed position.

Luke took the "come see mommy," as his okay to throw his full 25" at the shoulder body up into my lap and the tiniest spot that was left beside me. He lay down and put his head down in a flash. "Perhaps if I go really fast she won't realize what has happened." It was sort of a "before I knew it" moment. After getting comfy my daughter came home and I figured there was a slim to nill chance that he was moving out of this spot.

After much coaxing from my husband he went to greet her at the door with the tazmanian energy that we all love. I thought for sure he would attempt another lap dive; now that he had a history of being on the fabric couch but he did not. The dogs know where, when and what they are allowed on. Everyone knows that the fabric couches are off limits. We had to make this rule on day one with the new couch.

Luke is a digger and a circler; he likes his comforts and if that means that he needs to dig for several minutes and then turn in 4-9 circles before finding the perfect position; then that is what he does. If I were to come home and find my couch dug up for the good of his comfort? Well, let's just say comfort would be the last thing on his mind. So for this digging issue; he cannot be on the couch and neither can the girls be then.

This also helps to keep my couches much cleaner and I did go out and buy them their own couch.

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