The Derby

I spent the day at a Charity event in Sacramento yesterday. It was an amazing privately owned ranch with lots of events. One of the events was a weiner dog race which seemed to be very popular. What a blast watching these long and lean dogs race to the finish line.

Betting was encouraged with all proceeds going to the Charities. After looking of the bio's of the participants I put our money on the dog that could catch birds out of the air. My Jack Russell can do that and she is amazingly fast so, the bird catcher was our dog. As a second choice I told my husband to put money on the dapple dog.

I am proud to say that both dogs placed; the bird catcher #1 and the dapple dog #2. I think its time that I start using my intuition for real, could be very profitable. Some of the dogs never made it to the end; they decided to turn around and just have fun instead.

The tallest great dane at the moment was there; Gibson

I saw this dog at the OC Pet Expo and was very impressed by his balance and body structure in general. I thought that being so tall he would lack the body quality but he definitely does not and seems to have a wonderful temperament; a true gentle giant.

Aside from the dogs at the event of course there were horses. Horses that lived at the ranch; they were amazingly beautiful. There was one of the Budweiser horses on display, whoa are they big.

Cool event.

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