Road trip with a senior lady

I made a trip down to San Diego yesterday to pick up my daughter; have lunch and come back home to the OC. Being that I wouldn't be spending a huge amount of time down there I thought I'd bring the little one along. I donned her harness, set up a nice big comfy comforter in the front seat and strapped her in.

Before we headed onto the freeway I filled up with gas, whoa $$$$$$$$$$$$. Then I thought I'd take my xterra for a quick trip through the carwash. I didn't know how Jessie would react but I had a snack so out came the distraction. I was eating my all natural energy bar through the wash and gave Jessie a few pea sizes pieces. She didn't even know we were anywhere different until the drying part at the end. She was great.

So then we started out and she was already in sleep mode but that ended quickly and she was fussing. I thought that maybe she had to go so we made a quick pitstop at a scenic lookout. Bad decision; seems everyone was there to photograph the squirrels. If you know Jack Russells at all; squirrels are their life. They were bred to go to ground (down holes in the ground) and fetch critters out. Jessie loves nothing more than chasing, catching and killing critters.

So with the squirrels all around she was pretty much in the same mode as Luke had been only yesterday with the squirrels. So going to the bathroom was not in the plans even though I did my best to give her one last chance before we were in the car for a good hour, no go.

She was so good, she did fidget a little bit but soon lay back and relaxed. As we got closer to the ocean down by the army base she stood up and took in as much scent as she could. She clearly thought we were headed to the beach. But that smell soon left and she settled once again.

Once we were at our destination I hooked her up and let her out to visit my daughters apartment. We made an immediate stop to a tree planting so she could relieve herself first. Jessie could truly pee on a dime; if there is some sort of scent either on dirt of grass; she'll go.

She was very excited to be at my daughters apartment, it was her first visit. We then went down to Hillcrest to wander around and find a place to eat. We settled on a Deli where they had an outdoor patio where Jessie could eat with us. I was mad at myself that I hadn't brought a tiny blanket or pad to give her a place to plant it. She sort of shifted around until the food came and I asked her to sit under the table; there she recieved her lunch as well.

I spread her lunch out over the time we had our lunch so that she would remain under the table and focused. If there is food around, Jessie has focus that would amaze anyone. The waiter brought out some water for Jessie and then we were on our way again.

For the trip home she was set up in the back seat right behind me so that my daughter could keep a close eye on her. She is strapped in so it is important that she not get herself twisted up and hurt. She fell asleep for almost the whole ride home and no one would have ever known there was an old girl in the car. It was an enjoyable trip with the little one; one that I will definitely remember.

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