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Good Sunday morning. I spent most of yesterday gardening in our front yard. For Southern California our front yard is fairly good sized but of course it still has a sidewalk and road out front. So it is rare that I allow the dogs freedom out front. Yesterday we had Luke out front for a bit; but he doesn't like it. He is not out there other than to get in the car so he gets antsy and runs back into the house; really a good issue in my books.

Because I was working right out the front door I thought I'd just keep the door open so they could chill with me. I am so impressed and proud of my dogs when it comes to the boundaries they have learned. It was hours that they sat there watching me. Tilley went into the backyard several times and came back again. Jessie left to find somewhere comfy to rest and didn't return for a longtime. But Luke, Luke was there the entire time. None of the dogs were anxious about the open door; they were all relaxed and just chill'n.

All of the dogs had been on a canyon hike with my husband in the morning and were very tired. Tilley is really showing signs of her age and at 11 she seems much older than Jessie at 12. This is because Jessie is a small dog and Tilley is a large dog. After a good amount of exercise Tilley is starting to find it difficult to get up. She is slow and precise about her movements, it is sad to see.

Just this morning we were having Sunday morning bedtime with the dogs. Tilley was the last up and when she did make the leap she fell off the bed. In my anthropomorphism ( the attribution of uniquely human characteristics to non-human creatures and beings) way I put humiliation on the incident. I'm sure she was not humiliated but I do know that dogs do not like to show signs of weakness and this definitely was a sign of weakness.

I felt awful for her; so this morning I am off to find a bench for the bedroom. One that will assist her in getting up onto the bed without any trouble and one that is strong and stable enough for her to get down from the bed on. No one wants to see their dogs get older but just like us they are going in the same direction; aches, pains, wrinkles and all.

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