This and that Thurs.

I found a new homemade dog food company. Someone who read my blog sent me the info "thank you". As you know I make my own food but there are times when I run out or am just too lazy so this will be in my freezer. They make treats which I have to tell you my dogs ate like they were made out of liver, even Luke. I got home with them yesterday, peanut butter puffs, apple pie cookies and freeze dried chicken. The cookies smelled fabulous and from the dogs reaction they were delicious.

Every morning my dogs get a cookie or two before they get up, this prevents anyone from starving to death before I get their breakfast made. This morning I gave them the cookie from Homemade Doggy Dinners, the peanut butter puffs. Luke sat in front of me salivating which is a normal behavior for Tilley but not Luke. So I guess I will be ordering a bucket of the peanut butter puffs.

I have not tried out the food yet but it comes in what looks to be ice cream scoop servings. Round balls of complete dog food frozen; ready to thaw and use at anytime. I'm going to try it probably tonight and see how Mr. Fussy feels about it; will let you know.

The poodles and I are going to a poodle get together this morning. It is to be held in someones backyard so we'll see how that goes. Poor Jessie stays home for this event; she wouldn't have fun anyway; she would just want to boss everyone around and become angry because no one was listening. But she won't mind because I will fill a marrow bone with peanut butter and cheerios and she'll be pleasantly occupied.

Have a great pre Friday.

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