What's cook'n?

Well, what was cook'n at my house only moments ago was liver and London broil. I forgot that I didn't have any meat ready for breakfast this morning so I was out barbequing in the am. My dogs had salmon lastnight which went over big. Luke doesn't typically like Salmon a whole lot and much prefers Halibut, yep.

But this morning I had a half frozen london broil and some fresh liver I just bought. I don't give my dogs liver often, only as a special treat as it is pretty rich. And when they do get it, it is mixed in with other meat. So this morning they had two types of beef, rice, pumpkin, flax seed and arugula.

Lastnight was salmon, pasta, red pepper, and zuccinni. Pretty good grub I'm thinking. Even with this good food Luke still prefers; and I hate to use this term "people food." And I don't mean it in the same way that most people do. Most people use the term "people food" as in not dry dog kibble, anything like meat, potatos, veggies etc.

When I say "people food" I mean prepared stuff like Lasagna, sheperds pie, spaghetti, crepes etc. You know the kind of food that actually has a recipe if not in a book but your head at least. Luke loves good food, he has well educated taste buds for a dog and would choose bangers and mash over plain old beef anyday.

The boys got taste; what can I say?

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