Food review-Homemade Doggy Dinners

I love to try new dog stuff, whether it is a new treat, new leash/collar, toy or food I like to give all the new stuff a go. I am starting a regular "review" of new dog products that we try out. I have a varied pack of dogs from Luke the picky eater to Jessie; who will anything that hits the floor.

And they all love a good toy; Luke loves to try and dismantle them and Tilley takes the utmost of care, she likes to save them for a rainy day. So if you have a new product that you'd like to have reviewed; contact me and we'll put it through our tests.

I tried a new homemade dog food; I already wrote about the treats made by Homemade Doggy Dinners. all natural dog food and treats. The dogs loved the treats; and they loved the food, so two paws up for the product.

Taste - 4 paws + tail (no hesitation from any of our three to eat these goodies.)
Economy - 3 paws - (all natural, human grade ingredients cost a bit more)
Customer Service - 4 paws - very easy to get intouch with

Great products and company. Contact

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