What a night and cooking day

We had our standard poodle get togeather lastnight and it was fabulous. 10 dogs and 18 people in my backyard and a ton of fun. We had poodles from the age of 4 months old all the way up to my old girl Tilley at 11 years old and everything in between. Representing colors were black, blue, brown, cream and light apricot. It is amazing to me that there were no issues throughout the night.

The only thing that did go on was my boy Luke trying to enforce his "top dog" status and " this is my yard" to the other two males. One of which was the 4 month old in attendance; the other a handsome teenager that Luke obviously felt he had something to teach to. So with my eyes ever watchful as to what was going on and all the dogs succeeding in their attempts to have fun it was a great night for the dogs and the human audience.


I spent this morning shooting the most adorable puppy, honestly how cute can puppies be? After that I headed off to Henry's market to get the veggies and stuff for dog food. Today was a big cooking day, carrots, brocolli, sweet potato, rice, kale and oatmeal all to go with the ton of chicken I cooked up yesterday. As if it is not hot enough, what a time to be cooking up a storm. But I'll tell you it sure smelled good, good enough to bring both vegan daughters into the kitchen to see what was cook'n.

The dogs got a sample for dinner and after they had eaten; they were hovering. Perhaps his chasing games from lastnight sparked his appetite. Luke does not typically hover when I prepare food unless he is very hungry or I have raw beef on the counter. This was all just veggies being cooked today but he loved the smell.

I am going away in August so I have to make a pile of food. Nomally I keep about a 2-3 day supply in the fridge of cook daily so there is alot of bigtime cook'n going on.

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