HAPPY CANADA DAY to all my Canadian readers. I miss the being in Canada during the big celebration and seeing a sea of red and white. Today is also the day here in California that you can no longer talk on your cell phone in the car; good luck with that.

So on the same subject of handsfree; yesterday I was in the thick of gardening when Luke came out to find me; once found he wanted a snuggle. I was filthy; both hands were covered in muck so I told him to "come close." When he was little I taught him to come close; often he would stand just out of reach for a hug so I taught him to "come close."

"Come close," has reached a "can't get any closer" closeness. If I do not reach out to him with my hands he will then move in and we have our "handsfree," hug. Yesterday it went on for a good 2 min, and as is common I just about fell down. Luke loves this very close time; as he pushes and rubs his head under my chin. I have often seen wolves, lions and tigers do this exact thing but Luke is the first dog of mine who has done it.

He is a very physical guy, he loves touch; that is if he knows you. He is not into being touched by rude people he does not know but try to touch him. No more so than I would appreciate a stranger touching me.

So Luke has the handfree down already. And this closeness is very special which I never take for granted.

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