A picture is worth a thousand words

I was on a dog behavior site yesterday where there are some great images of dogs interacting and the owner of the site explains everything that is going on. Unfortunately we humans tend to jump to conclusions and assume. But what is going on and what we think is going can be two entirely different things.

The above image is of Jessie, my Jack Russell. I was doing a series of images of her with a piece of birthday cake for cards. She was doing an amazing job of not eating the cake when my son appeared and stood beside me. He then bent down and was talking to her; I kept shooting. I did not see the look she was giving him was a clear warning hard stare until I opened the image on my computer.

Being that my son was probably 13 or so at the time he never saw it either. Had I not had my camera to my face I would have seen it. It is a very clear "touch it and die," look. I love that I captured this image; it pretty much sums up my girl and how she feels about food. :)

Some of the best images I've taken are at dog parks when dogs are interacting. Signals are flying everywhere and it is impossible to see them all as a human unless you stop the action in time with an image. I love when I capture a clear communication; sometimes it gives the whole interaction a different meaning. What can look like a friendly romp may not be that at all.

I could literally watch dog behavior 24x7; with the communication signals flying around everywhere. If you really watch, you may see something going on that you hadn't noticed before.

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