Busy, busy

I'm hopping these days; we are getting ready for a vacation which means I've been cooking up a storm. It takes a whole lot more thought when leaving now that I cook for my guys. My kitchen looks like a tornado hit and the sight of me over the stove or huge bowls stirring with the fan blasting my way has been a constant this week. I think I'm nearly there; of course I have probably made way too much food; but I'd rather have cooked way too much for them than even be one meal short.

My day yesterday was not a good one; way too many issues to deal with; and my mood was not a good one. These were not dog issues but human ones and by the end of the day I needed a drink. Seeing the mood I was in my husband took me out to a favorite restaurant that we love; Mangia Bene. Back at home we got our customary "where have you been all my life?" greeting from the dogs, very nice.

Like I have said we have beds, we have dog beds everywhere and in our room we have three; one for each of the dogs. But lastnight there was an overwhelming sense of closeness that the dogs needed. I was wedged into my positon by the three of them needing to lay close, very close to me. And oddly enough my littlest one of al 15lbs is the one that can wedge me in the worst. Once she's in her little spot; there is no moving her.

With her newly acquired stool Jessie has easy access to the bed which she is loving. She took her up her position between my legs; Luke lay the length of me with his head on my chest and Tilley was curled on the otherside. My stress slowly slipped away; how could it not?

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